Thursday, June 7, 2012

Homeless In Modesto the New Crime of the NAZI Regime

On June 5th 2012, the Modesto City Council, voted in a new law which paves the way for police to arrest any individual that they have “reason to believe” will not be sleeping in their own dwelling, thereby, with huge brush-strokes criminalizing a large portion of the citizenry of Modesto that the elite of the city of Modesto considers to be undesirable, or as termed by councilman Joe Muratore - “human blight”. What most of us would term as either temporarily displaced or “homeless”.

Any clothing, backpack or instrument that could be conceived as being useful on a camping trip now is considered to be sufficient evidence to arrest, prosecute and convict any person of violating this new anti-homeless person law, if the officer states that he believes the person is intending to not sleep in a dwelling at anytime in the future. Just like the gulags of NAZI occupied Europe, an individuals only recourse would be to provide sufficient documentation to the police officer that they are financially stable. Stability that has been clearly defined by sub-committees created by the current Mayor and Modesto City Council. If one is unable to produce these “papers” upon request of the officer, they will be jailed and stricken with a criminal misdemeanor that will follow them for the rest of their natural lives.

Though the public was allowed to speak, it was nothing more than a legal formality that the Modesto City Council had to weather. For when the last of fifteen speakers in opposition to this massacre of the spirit of the United States Constitution was finished speaking, the public was scolded by councilman Joe Muratore. A man who has stated that even transvestites have no place in the City of Modesto, much less, “human blight” I.e. the homeless or other “undesirables”.

This is the first of many proposed laws that are being passed without any participation considered by the general public. The opportunity afforded to speak to these issues are only formalities, and freedom of speech at the sub committees or city council meetings are truncated by the iron fist of our new fuehrer - Gerrad Marsh.

Marsh’s inherited police force, the Modesto Police Department, testified that approximately ninety percent of homeless individuals are rapists and child molesters that when camping in alleys or parks are - “looking for prey”. This was seconded by analogies provided by councilman Dave Lopez. When in actuality, when one reads the McClatchy Pravda editions of the daily Modesto Bee, it would seem that the Modesto Police Department is comprised of rapists and child molesters, if not homicidal maniacs.

No longer do members of this anti-American, NAZI infiltrated Modesto City Council bastardize the very name of Jesus Christ and the very word of God, to justify their cruel oppression and elimination of the homeless, transvestites and other “undesirables”, since they have learned that the public may have input, but they do not need to listen. Since they no longer work for us.

The people of the City of Modesto, rich or poor, gay or straight, young and old are now officially in servitude to the Modesto City Council and beginning to experience an actual totalitarian regime.

If you do not earn enough to have your name on a document that can be considered a mortgage, lease or rental agreement, you can and most likely will be charged with a misdemeanor if you are found in public by the Modesto Police Department.

Uber allis Modesto Elite.

May God have mercy on their souls. Because I sure as hell won’t.

Copyright 2012 Robert Stanford all rights reserved.
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